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Retro panel

Retro panel

Retro panels are a practical, modern, beautiful roofing material. A feature of the retro panels from the Bilka factory is a special lock, which during installation allows you to install false roofs without special equipment. The process of laying Roofer seam roofs is technologically even simpler than laying metal tiles and profiled sheets, and due to the fact that there are no through holes during installation, the seam roof will last much longer than metal tiles and corrugated board of a similar type quality. Our company recommends the use of false roofs if you want to give your roof a modern design and quality.

The Bilka plant is one of the leaders in the world steel rolling market. The main advantages of the plant are innovations. The plant has been awarded the Diploma of Excellence for "The Largest Manufacturer of Metal Tiles in South East Europe" by Business Review Magazine (December 14, 2018)

They have several factories in Romania and 2 laboratories where they constantly improve the quality of their products.

Main characteristics:

Thickness: 0.45mm-0.6mm

Amount of protective layer: 225-275 gr/m2

Lacquer coating thickness 35 microns

Warranty 10-30 years

Service life: 60 years

Our company Roofer has been selling products for more than 15 years. During this time, a false roof showed itself from the best side. Coverage for 10 years of work practically does not lose in coverage. We recommend the use of this material as an optimal product for those who want to emphasize the architectural style of their home.

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