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Retro panel

Retro panels are a practical, modern, beautiful roofing material. A feature of the retro panels from the Bilka factory is a special lock, which during installation allows you to install false roofs without special equipment. The process of laying Roofer seam roofs is technologically even simpler than laying metal tiles and profiled sheets, and due to the fac..

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Roofing from metal tiles

Metal roofs today are in first place among all types of roofs in terms of polarity and availability in Eastern Europe. Rannila Steel developed metal roof tiles at the end of the 20th century, but this roofing material began to appear in Bulgaria no more than 20 years ago. Currently, the largest metal tile factory is Bilka and is located in Romania. The ROOFE..

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Roofing materials in installments

Installment planDo you need roofing materials from the assortment of our company, but at the moment you do not have enough funds, but you want to receive an installment payment in time? The center of roofing materials launches a new service - "Roofing materials by installments". With the advent of the service, we can help solve your problems! Now every consu..

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About profiled sheet metal

The profiled sheet achieved its popularity with the help of its versatility, which is quite important in modern construction. The main purpose is the construction and reconstruction of industrial and residential buildings, equipment for temporary premises and retail outlets. The material is divided into categories corresponding to the types of work, accordin..

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Superdiffusion membrane - modern highly effective roof waterproofing!

Roof membranes - the most important element of the arrangement of the roof layer with insulation. The most common multi-layer roof construction:grid, counter gridvapor barrier, waterproofing (roofing films)insulation in the form of mineral wool on basalt or fiberglassroofs (ceramic, bituminous, composite, metal tiles).Functions of the membrane in the roofIt ..

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How to choose high-quality roof tiles at an affordable price?

Today, there is a huge number of manufacturers on the roofing market who are trying to advertise their product from all sides, often exaggerating the technical characteristics of the product itself. In this article we will talk about shingles, which are popularly called "soft roofing".When choosing a soft roof, the buyer is faced with a number of technical i..

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Roof windows: advantages, models and installation features

The advantages of attic rooms make them in demand. This is a great way to create a cozy, well-ventilated and well-lit living space with a pleasant atmosphere.So, when choosing a country house, the presence of an attic is considered a significant advantage, which makes the offer more attractive. Modern lofts are often rooms with several bedrooms and bathrooms..

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Modern methods of thermal insulation of buildings

Modern methods of thermal insulation of buildingsHouse insulation is one of the most important stages of construction, especially in our climate zone. The main heat losses (and this is about 60%) occur through the roof, walls, floor, window and door frames. Heating costs can be reduced by upgrading the building's insulation system (replacing windows and door..

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Pros and cons of a metal profile for a fence.

Pros and cons of a metal profile for a fence.The metal profile fence is much more beautiful and functional than the sheet metal fence. Thanks to a large selection of shapes, heights and covers of lamellas, you can choose materials that match the style of the house, the buildings of the site, the landscape design.Fences from metal profiles:Do not create signi..

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