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Roofing from metal tiles

Roofing from metal tiles

Metal roofs today are in first place among all types of roofs in terms of polarity and availability in Eastern Europe. Rannila Steel developed metal roof tiles at the end of the 20th century, but this roofing material began to appear in Bulgaria no more than 20 years ago. Currently, the largest metal tile factory is Bilka and is located in Romania. The ROOFER company is an official representative of the plant and provides the best conditions for purchasing roofing material!

The installation of metal shingles is carried out not only on a new system of trusses, but also on a leveled old roof surface. Atmospheric influences, high humidity, temperature changes will not affect the service life of the metal tile. When choosing high-quality metal, the service life of your roof will be up to 60 years!

Advantages of metal ceramics:

· price is a key advantage of a metal tile.

· metal tile is not difficult to install, load, unload material. This is the quality material that is available to most owners.

· transportation can be done with a conventional sidecar truck rather than a manipulator as required for natural tiles.

· the metal tile is ordered to your roof size, which significantly reduces material waste.

The weight of metal ceramide is about 5 kg, which does not give such a load to the walls and the base as, for example, ceramic or bituminous ceramides.

· the additional elements (cap, ulama...) are made from the same shaft as the metal tile, which allows you to extend the life of your roof, as well as to have a beautiful, finished look of the roof covering.

All quality certificates confirm the environmental friendliness of this material.

Metal ceramide is an optimal ratio of price, quality and appearance.

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