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Roof windows: advantages, models and installation features

Roof windows: advantages, models and installation features

The advantages of attic rooms make them in demand. This is a great way to create a cozy, well-ventilated and well-lit living space with a pleasant atmosphere.

So, when choosing a country house, the presence of an attic is considered a significant advantage, which makes the offer more attractive. Modern lofts are often rooms with several bedrooms and bathrooms. And the most important factor that defines the attic as a cozy, functional and comfortable room are the skylights.

Modern skylights

Modern skylights create a characteristic atmosphere in the room, allow you to enjoy an excellent view from the windows and the first rays of the sun. And of course, it's a constant flow of fresh air.

Modern construction is often aimed at using the entire useful area as efficiently as possible. That is why private houses and country cottages are often equipped with attics with modern skylights.

Models of skylights

Now many companies are engaged in the production of skylights. Of these, three companies are considered the most popular - the German company Roto, the Polish Fakro and the Velux company from Denmark. These three companies already have sufficient experience in the skylight market and are reputable.

All main models of skylights have a middle opening method, which makes it easy to open and easy to maintain. This is achieved by turning the window sash 180 degrees. Such models have a price that is affordable for most.

There are also more expensive models. Their high price is determined by the greater functionality of the models. Such windows have a double opening system, which combines both the middle turn method, as in cheaper models, and the method of hanging opening, that is, along the upper axis. This design allows you to get a more extensive view from the window.

Opening such a window is very simple - for this, the design provides a handle located in its lower or upper part.

There is a special built-in valve in the window box of the skylights, which makes it possible to ensure a constant flow of fresh air into the room even when the windows are closed. In order for the air entering the room to be as clean as possible, the valve has a washing filter. It cleans the air from dust and prevents various insects from entering the room. In addition, this valve heats the outside air before it enters the ceiling, which helps prevent condensation on the surface of the room-side window.

Roof windows - installation

Correct installation of skylights is of great importance. First of all, this will ensure long-term operation of the frame without any deformations, as well as protection of the attic room from the penetration of various insects and external weather influences.

Special flashings must be used to install skylights to ensure the most accurate combination of window and roof covering.

It is recommended to choose wages, taking into account the type of roof used. All salaries are designed in several versions. In addition to the fact that they are designed for the appropriate types of roofs, they can be of different sizes and differ in design.

Thus, structurally, the sheathing can be designed for flat roofs, for highly profiled roofs with a profile height in the range of 4.5 - 9 centimeters, as well as for profiled roofs with a profile height of up to 4.5 centimeters.

Contact our specialists and they will help you make the right choice of skylights!

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